Our Services

All electrical appliances can be taken away, washers and cookers are free of charge (both gas and electric cookers must be disconnected prior to removal).

At Lord Bros, we also offer both gas and electric fitting. This services is sub-contracted out to a number of local, fully qualified, business that operate in and about the area. The average cost of a fitting is £45 for Gas and £49 for electric (Subject to location, materials and work required).

Another service that we offer is washing machine, washer-dryer and dishwasher installation. We can install your new product the same day we deliver at a small charge of £15 for washing machine and washer dryers and £15 for Dishwashers. This includes:

  • Disconnect the existing appliance
  • Unboxing the new product and removal of transit bolts
  • Connect your appliance to suitable mains water supply and electrical socket (Within the length of the cold water feed and plug)
  • Connect the waste hose to a suitable spigot, downpipe and existing waste connection
  • Test and balance the appliance, and check that it is fully working, and operational before leaving
  • Take the packaging from the new appliance away
  • Removal of old appliance (See above for details)